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Men & Women Hormone Replacement Therapy

Aging may be a part of life, but it doesn’t have to steal your vitality. Many Americans are convinced that aging brings about ‘natural’ frustrations, such as low libido and weight gain. But here at The New York Institute of Medical Weight Loss and Sleep Center, we know that most age-associated ailments are simply due to hormone deficiencies caused by a lifetime of exposure to toxins. When these hormones are accurately restored, the result is a satisfying life full of energy and health.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

Bioidentical hormones are naturally-derived hormones that are altered to mimic the body’s natural hormones. Because they are not chemically-based, bioidentical hormones are considered safe, can be used long-term, and carry very little risk of side effects. They have been used for more than four decades and many are FDA-approved. Furthermore, naturally-derived hormones are more tolerable and successful overall than the use of synthetic hormones.

Patients who undergo BHRT are first subject to testing that examines the functions of the endocrine system. A patient-specific plan is then customized to help restore natural hormone levels to achieve more energy, greater libido, and better overall health. BHRT plans may include a combination of bioidentical hormones, lifestyle changes and dietary supplements.

Here at The New York Institute of Medical Weight Loss and Sleep Center, we know that hormone imbalances can affect both men and women at all stages of life. Everyone’s body responds differently to hormone changes, with symptoms ranging from weight gain and hair loss to depression and insomnia. Though we know that lowered hormone levels are inevitable with age, our goal is to enlighten our patients to the possibilities they may have not previously thought to be possible.

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Our program is unique in many ways

Our director uses his 6 specialties to treat you for one mission - to make you lose weight


We have Ear, Nose, and Throat doctors on staff to help diagnose your sleep issues and overall health. Our specialists are highly trained, and look forward to closely working with you on your weight loss journey.


What goes in our bodies has a huge long term effect on our weight and overall appearance. Our skilled nutritionists will help develop a lifestyle plan designed specifically for you. We also review and replace medications.


Our lifestyles and mindset can definitely have a lasting impact on our health. Our trained psychologists can assess any habits, help you reach your goals, and even assist parents in creating a healthy lifestyle for their children.


Our highly qualified surgeons offer many short and long term solutions for weight loss. For long term weight loss, we offer Bariatric surgery. We closely follow up before and after surgery so you don't gain weight again.

Plastic/Cosmetic Surgeons

Need weight loss now? For short term weight loss solutions, our team of Plastic Surgeons can help you shed the weight in weeks. Our team will follow you closely to ensure you continue to lose weight even after surgery.

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